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Flavia Creation 150

The Creation 150 from FLAVIA® is ideal for small-sized workplaces (1-14 people). It is the perfect single serve brewing system for home, office and collaborative workspace places. Alternatively in larger offices, where there are individual offices or kitchen spaces, the Creation 150 is a perfect complimentary match to the Creation 200 and 400 brewers.


  • Taste and aroma…it’s all in the brew. FLAVIA’s unique Fresh Release system serves a delicious, fresh cup every time. The water unlocks the sealed fresh pack releasing the aromatic ingredients brewing inside, serving you the perfect drink, time after time.
  • An energy-saving mode that switches off energy-draining devices
  • Only heats enough water for one cup at a time
  • It’s reliable and easy to use
  • It is portable with a removable, easy-fill water tank which holds 108oz of water
  • Designed to brew all drink options, including frothy beverages
  • Adjustable base for different mug sizes
  • Small counter top design that allows the flexibility to be placed in almost any area
  • It’s sleek and stylish design compliments any office space
  • A free internal water filter is provided, ensuring the best possible quality of water is used for the freshest tasting drink every time

FLAVIA’s unique 3-step process supports our fresh, quality hot drinks expertise. FLAVIA® combines all three steps to deliver the widest range of fresh coffees, teas, chocolate and coffee shop specialties – something to suit everyone and every need, every time.

First we SOURCE only the freshest and finest ingredients from around the world
Then we SEAL in freshness to keep the integrity of our flavors
Finally we SERVE a fresh tasting cup full of authentic flavors time and time again


Designed For: Small Offices (1 – 14 people)
Drink Options: Coffee, Tea, Chocolates, Specialties, and Cappuccinos/Lattes
Water Tank: Removable, 108oz capacity
Adjustable Mug Sizes: Yes
Drink Volume Settings: 5
Typical Brew Time: 35 seconds
Dimensions: 14.4” H x 9.1” W x 13.5” D
Weight (Empty): 12 lbs
Power Consumption: 1400W Boiling / 1.6W Standby
Power Supply: 120V

Water Filter Provided: Activated Charcoal
Removable Drip Tray: Yes

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