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Nuova Simonelli- Aurelia

This Roman classic is synonymous to the high quality product carrying the “Made in Italy” label. Liking to the old Roman road that is unaltered after two millenniums, Aurelia is a professional coffee machine that will last the test of time. It is solid and incorporates innovative technology that will endure for many years. Aurelia will go far and gain markets worldwide. Aurelia will go far like the road it celebrates.

Versatile and functional Low cup, tall glass?
Any measure is right with Aurelia: the units of the work surface are 90 mm and 135 mm. Programmable milk temperature (Autosteam system) Autosteam System Produce a foamy and velvety milk: now it’s easy thanks to the Nuova Simonelli’s Autosteam system. Automatic Washing cycle Just push the bottom from the touch pad and Aurelia will carry out, automatically, a pre-selected automatic washing cycle.

Ergonomic shape:
to work in complete wellness Aurelia is a machine with no equal for many of its esthetical and technical details.  This means that every part of the machine was planned with reference to the work and natural movements of the barista, to grant him the maximum comfort during his work. It is no wonder that the Aurelia is the first machine in the world that has been awarded, by the European Institute of Ergonomics and Psychology, the certification for being ergonomic.

SIS® with double infusion system;
Aurelia introduces an innovative Soft Infusion System that grant a perfect extraction during all the day and dry coffee grounds after every operation.

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