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Nuova Simonelli- Appia V

NUOVA SIMONELLI Appia 1 Group Automatic Espresso machine.
The large copper Five (5) liter, 1500 watt boiler comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The massive grouphead is thermo compensated, and features double pre-infusion (soft infusion) technology developed by Nuova Simonelli. This machine comes with a hot water dispenser, and traditional steam arm with push & pull steam lever, or the optional Smart Wand.

The Smart Wand automatically steams or froths (adjustable) milk then turns off at a preset temperature. The Smart Wand is non-scalding; if you grab the wand while it’s operating you won’t get burned.  Available on the automatic model only.

With traditional pre-infusion technology, the extraction starts at 0 bar and reaches 9 bars in about 8 seconds. With double pre-infusion, the extraction starts at 0 bar and reaches 9 bar in about 16 seconds, allowing twice the amount of grounds to be presoaked before the full extraction takes place. This process allows for more crema and aroma to be extracted while also lowering employee’s possible tamping/grinder inconsistencies.

APPIA Espresso Machine Groups 1
Version Volumetric
Body Material Abs & Stainless Steel
Colours 2 Grey, Black
Stainless Steel Version
Boiler Capacity 5 5 Ltr. Material Rame (Copper)
Safty Valve ISPEL
Anti-Vacuum Valve
Mechanical Pressostat
Autolevel Electronic
Electronic Probe temperature
Hydraulic Pump, Volumetric bult-in
Volumetric Dosage
Gauge bar Boiler
Gauge bar Pump
Water Level Indicator
Raised Thermocompensated Group
Soft Infusion System (SIS®)
Steam Wand Double stainless steel
Switchable wand / Cappuccinatore
Cappuccino System Manual Smart Wand
Hot Water Built-in economiser
Electronic, programable dosage

Weight Net (Kg – Lb) 42 (92,6 lb)
Gross (Kg – Lb) 48 (106 lb)
Voltage (Volt) 115V
Power (W) 1500-1800
Ampere 13(115V)

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