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Eco-friendly Products

Executive Coffee is committed to providing Eco-friendly coffee services and products in a wide variety of ways. Here are some of the ways in which we are striving to make our coffee services sustainable and socially responsible.

Rainforest Alliance (RA) – is an NGO that works on a not-for-profit basis, helping farmers improve not just their bottom line, but also their crops and their way of life. Executive Coffee is proud to offer several coffees that are Rainforest Alliance certified, including Flavia and Timothy’s.

BullfrogPowered™ – Bullfrog Power is the first electricity retailer to sell power exclusively from wind and low-impact waterpower generators who meet or exceed the federal government’s EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity. They are committed to increasing the amount of renewable power in and have built new wind power turbines to meet the growing demand for green power through all the bullfrogpowered™ customers.


Some of the ways Lavazza is working to make your work place more sustainable include:

  • With the Flavia Creation 400 you no longer have to get various devices or appliances to handle the brewing of all your hot beverages, as this one machine can handle most of your needs.
  • Your Flavia Drinks Station is very efficient and effective – a very compact system taking up limited space on your counter-top, brewing one cup at a time and allowing for less waste.
  • Most coffee machines can waste energy unnecessarily. Heating a large water reservoir. Keeping a carafe hot for hours. Brew. Sit. Repeat. The FLAVIA® Creation 400 uses leading-edge technology to save water and energy.
  • More than 30% of the coffee contained in our Lavazza filter packs originates from sustainably managed Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Eco-Friendly Water Coolers, From Executive Coffee. As part of our on-going Eco-friendly initiative we are a proud supplier of the Eco-friendly Water Coolers – eliminating the use of plastic bottles.

• A cost-effective and Eco-friendly solution
• An endless supply of cold, pure, great tasting water
• A sealed stainless steel tank that guards against contamination
• No mess, spills or storage requirements
• Filtration of water on location
• No more heavy bottles to lift or deliver

Compostable Paper Cups – Now available from Executive Coffee 100% compostable paper cups!

Executive Coffee is committed to serving you with Eco-friendly products and services in a variety of ways, and we appreciate and fully support your choice to make your workplace more Eco-friendly.